Stars & Stripes Awards

This year J4Milan will once again be the backdrop to the annual Stars & Stripes Awards. The award recipients are individuals or establishments that have stood out for their contribution in the diffusion of American culture and values in Italy. With so much emphasis on health on account of Expo Milano 2015, we have sought individuals who have promoted American culture, particularly in food and sports, which this year have also played an important role in the J4 Milan American Festival.  

Joe Bastianich MasterChefThe Organizing Committee has selected Joe Bastainich, well-known to the public from his appearance as host in the talent show MasterChef, as one of the recipients of the 2015 Stars & Stripes Award, for his contribution in promoting American culture and excellence in the culinary arts in all of Italy.

James Pallotta

The Organizing Committee has also selected James Pallotta, American investor, to be recognized for his contribution in sports. Besides running a private investment company, Pallotta is the president of the Italian association football club A.S. Roma, and Co-Owner of the Boston Celtics. Pallotta will use his experience with American sports teams to leave his mark in Italian soccer.

When living away from home we all become ambassadors for our countries. Our attitude, our statements and our actions contribute to build people’s image about our country of origin. Some people contribute and enhance the image of their country by showcasing the foods from that country, others do it by sharing their enthusiasm about a particular sport or music style and others do it by accepting to become a testimonial figure of their country.


Easy Milano has always madeDan Peterson a conscious effort to help showcase the values and principles that are distinctive of the various cultures, be them American, British, Australian, Canadian,… or even Italian. By doing so we hope to favor a positive interaction between cultures, bridging the prejudice and misunderstandings that derive from that which is unfamiliar, and help share the knowledge and cultural values that are passed on from parents to children within each culture.

IMG_6786As organizers of the annual J4Milan event, which offers a great number of people the opportunity to come face to face with American values, foods and culture, we have given birth to the Stars & Stripes Award that is granted to individuals or entities who have accomplished the objective of promoting American values and culture in Italy.

Each year a panel selects the candidates that will be offered the Stars & Stripes Award as a recognition for their positive contribution to this goal.

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