About Liberty Square

statue-of-libertyLiberty Square is the intersection of the “J4Milan Avenues.” Along each side of the Avenues visitors will be able to admire, discover, touch and sometimes taste elements of American culture. There will be food, drinks, education, sports, culture, art and more. Visitors will roam around and experience the unique elements of a culture that has attracted and inspired people for centuries. At the center of all this, Liberty Square will be the stage for various activities.


In Liberty Square a Statue of Liberty (over 3 meters tall)  built by students of International School of Europe, out of recycled food packaging and plastic bottles, will be the back drop for many special moments in the event’s programming.

The team of students, ages 13 to 16, is lead by Ms Alison Ravenhall and Mr. Patrick Kerr, of the ISE’s Art Department.   The students have been actively involved in each step of the sculpture’s project, from conception to execution, creatively reinterpreting the key symbols and messages of one of the most iconic land marks in the world with unconventional use of recycled materials. To read more about the students’ thought process behind their Lady Liberty, click here.

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US Consulate General in Milan
American Chamber of Commerce
Città Metropolitana di Milano
Expo in Città

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