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Charity_Program_logo_500pxWorking together to overcome food allergies

Every year J4Milan selects a charitable initiative. This year our Charity Program will focus on raising awareness and funds for the research and treatment of allergy conditions that affect a growing number of children and adults around the world.

Food allergies are a medical condition that occur when the human body produces an abnormal response to a particular food or beverage.  These responses range from the mild to the severe, in many cases they have even resulted in death.

Presently more than 17 million Europeans live with food allergies and unfortunately this condition is becoming increasingly common, particularly in children.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the number of children living with allergies has increased by 50% between 1997 and 2011.  While it is known that food allergies are now affecting more people around the world, the reason for this rise in cases is still not well understood.

BAM_Logo_850x734Through the 2015 J4 Milan Charity Initiative we aim to generate funds to contribute to food allergy research and prevention efforts.  To do so we have involved “Bam! Bimbi Allergici a Milano Onlus“, an association that has been focusing on the topic.  At the event the association will offer important information on the treatment of food allergies.  Over the years Bam has carried out workshops in many schools to inform and train teachers and staff on how to act if confronted with a severe allergic reaction in a child.  Severe allergic reactions in children are particularly dangerous as they may appear unexpectedly and may concern children that have not yet been diagnosed for this condition due to their age.  This activity has proven very useful and may help save lives.

100% of the proceeds of the J4Milan Charity Program initiatives will be destined to
Bam! Bimbi Allergici a Milano Onlus.

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