J4Milan 2015 a three-day genuine American Festival

IMG_4558J4Milan is an annual celebration of the 4th of July promoted by Easy Milano, the free biweekly publication for the English speaking community of Milan, and the J4Milan Organizing Committee, whose composition varies from year to year. The event typically brings together a large number of Expats to celebrate America’s Independence Day.  Though promoted by Easy Milano, the event’s success is the result of the generous efforts of numerous institutions, groups and individuals who throughout the entire year play a critical role in the life of the Community.

Sky_video_1The 2015 edition of J4Milan is going to be a very special one, as it falls during the Universal Exhibition, Expo Milano 2015. Furthermore, it will incorporate a multitude of initiatives and events including the XXXV Italian Superbowl and other football season finals.

The Organizing Committee of this year’s J4Milan is very grateful for the endorsement of the United States Consulate General in Milan and the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, who have supported this community event since 2009. This year’s event also obtained the endorsement of the Città Metropolitana di Milano and is part of Expo in Città organised by the Municipality of Milan and Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Eager fellow Americans are expected to arrive from different European capitals to join the expats residing in Italy, along with the tourists arriving for Expo 2015 and the numerous Italians that have always proven supportive of this unique cultural experience.

"On July 4, 2015 we will celebrate the 239th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. It’s a special day back home, with fireworks and family barbeques. But it’s just as special-- perhaps even more so--for Americans living abroad."
Ambassador Philip T. Reeker,
U.S. Consul General in Milan

"I love the Fourth of July! Living in New England (Connecticut) we celebrate and remember the essence of the Revolution with parades and celebrating patriotism. I will miss the lobsters and fireworks! And little kids with big smiles on their faces… but I am sure in Milan this year, we will bring that spirit to Italy!"
Dorothy Cann Hamilton,
President of USA Pavilion at Expo 2015 Founder & CEO, International Culinary Center

"Fireworks! Usually on the balcony of a friend’s apartment high above the Hudson River with spectacular views of the fireworks. It’s one long “oooooh”."
James Biber,
Architect of the USA Pavilion at Expo 2015

"I'm from Evanston, Illinois, and we did it up right every year with a HUGE parade. Then, in the evening, at Northwestern University's Dyche Stadium, we had entertainment and fireworks. As a U.S. History buff, I learned what it all meant. In fact, eight generations before me, one of my ancestors, James Sage, who had emigrated from England, and who had served in the British Army as a cook, fought for the USA against the British. For many reasons, it's a holiday with meaning for me."
Dan Peterson,
Basketball Coach, Sports Commentator and Television Personality

"Beer, BBQ and fireworks! And family, of course."
Laurel Evans,
Food Writer and Television Host at Un'americana in Cucina

"Every 4th is Sparklers and fireworks, patriotic tunes at symphony on the prairie, my sister's birthday, cook-outs, and the Star-Spangled Banner."
Kristen Grove,
Kris and Love - Radio 105